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About Mercury

Service Types

1 - Hour Rush

The 1 - Hour Rush Delivery rates provide you with time-sensitive delivery for those critical business deliveries that just have to get there in a hurry. 

Delivery is guaranteed within one hour of your order. We won't accept your 1-hour rush order and then make excuses - we'll tell you up front if we don't have a reasonable chance of meeting your requirements.

Service highlights

  • Guaranteed delivery within 1 hour of order placement.
  • The job will be half price if we don't meet the guarantee.
  • Available until 4:00 PM daily, Monday through Friday.
  • All delivery orders accepted after 4:00 PM will be rated as 30-minute rush deliveries unless you agree to allow us the option of delivering the package the following morning.

PO Box 2274, Portland OR 97208
ph (503)247-8484 | fax (971)245-6969 
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