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About Mercury

Service Types

2 - Hour Standard

The 2 - Hour Standard Delivery rates provide you with timely delivery at a reasonable price anywhere in the metro area.

Although we guarantee delivery in two hours or less, most are delivered in well under two hours. If we don't make good on our two-hour time limit, we'll provide the delivery at half price.

Service Highlights

  • Guaranteed delivery within 2 hours of order placement.
  • The job will be half price if we don't meet the guarantee.
  • Available until 3:00 P.M. daily, Monday through Friday.
  • We'll accept 2-hour deliveries after 3:00 P.M. if you'll allow us the option of delivering them early the following morning.

PO Box 2274, Portland OR 97208
ph (503)247-8484 | fax (971)245-6969 
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