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About Mercury

Customer Testomonials

From start to finish it is a pleasure to work with all of the people at Mercury. They are friendly, courteous and have answers for my questions. The customer service people are very helpful with scheduling my freight, and very knowledgeable.”

— John Iturra
Rogers Machinery
Tigard, OR

“Mercury gets the job done 100% of the time and the customer follow-up is superb. I would never consider using anyone else.”

— Margaret Ambrosino
Mahlum Architects

“When you can fully trust a courier with your personal work, without taking a second thought, they should be tops on your rolodex. Mercury has done everything from taking basic packages to clients to having office keys made for me at the hardware store. And they tried them in the door for me when they brought them back! You just don't get service like that any more. I won't even mention the tights that I had to have picked up at Nordstrom last winter.”

— Stacey Stahl
Newton Bard Music & Sound

“I can always count on MercuryPDX when I have a customer that needs an emergency delivery made. They make the company that I work for look good because of their fast service.”

— Sandie Marks
Acuity Inc.

“I just wanted to say thank you for everything you do. Your messengers are always so polite and smiling, even when they are put under the gun…”

— Heather Sutherland
Barran Liebman PC

PO Box 2274, Portland OR 97208
ph (503)247-8484 | fax (971)245-6969 
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